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About Appointment of Director

Executive Director: He is also known as whole time director who is active whole time in the operations of the company.

Non-Executive Director: He is not a whole time director of the company as he does not spend his much time in the matters or operations of the company. He only attends Board Meetings.

Additional Director: He is appointed between any two Annual General Meetings. Such director should be appointed and confirmed in the next AGM.
One Person Company: One Director

Private Limited Company: Two Directors

Public Limited Company: Three directors

One Person Company: 15 Directors

Private Limited Company: 15 Directors

Public Limited Company: 15 Directors

Directors Documents: PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Consent letter of appointment, DIN declarations.

Company Documents: Board Meeting Resolution of Appointment and Letter of Appointment.

The minimum age requirement for becoming a director is 18 years and to become a managing director, the director should be of 21 years of age.
No. There is no such age limit. However, the maximum age limit for being a Managing Director is 70 years.
For appointment of director, Form DIR-12 is to be filed at MCA Portal.
Letter of Consent is a document which has the consent or approval of the director that he is interested in being the director of the company.

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