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Registration Process Flow

to Copyright Registration in India

Step 1
Fill Required Details and submit us
Step 2
You will receive a call from our Copyright expert.
Step 3
Provide required details of Copyright Use.
Step 4
You will receive an email with reply draft.
Step 5
Startupji Team will file Reply to Objection
Step 6
© can be used after filing application


About Copyright Registration

Copyright Objection means an objection raised asking clarifications for the queries raised during examination of the Copyright Application. The copyright registry sends a letter to the applicant asking reply with clarifications.
Proper Reply to Copyright Objection has to be filed within 15-30 days of issuance of letter. If in case, proper reply is not filed within prescribed time, the copyright registry may update the status as rejected after cancelling the application.
There is no fixed format for filing copyright objection reply as it varies from case to case. However, to draft proper reply to copyright objection, legal knowledge and drafting skills are required.
After receiving reply to copyright objection, the copyright registry will examine the reply and proceeds with registration.

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