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Registration Process Flow

to Copyright Registration in India

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© can be used after filing application

Advantage and Benefits

of Copyright Registration

Protection against Duplication

A copyrighted content cannot be copied or imitated by others as the copyright law provides has heavy punishments and penalties on those who misuse copyrighted content.

Helps in Creation of Goodwill in the Market

Goodwill for the brand is created in market as the copyrighted content has the credibility that it is an original one and it implies that it’s not duplicated from other content.

Copyright is an Intangible Asset

Creative content of the company is protected by copyrights as creativity and innovation are the basic elements of most businesses. Mostly organizations create copyrights for their web content, software’s, video contents and audio contents. Film, Music and Publishing industries benefit through copyright protection.

Boosts Business Expansion and Earnings

Business can boost its earnings and also expand through licensing and renting copyrighted content under licensing agreement.


About Copyright Registration

Copyright is a right or protection created to original content owners like to authors of books, to software developers for their programming, to writers who write songs and to companies (producers) who create content.
i) A copyright application has to be submitted online to Copyright office of India.

ii) Startupji assists you in applying copyright for your content.
Copyright can be applied for books, website content, software codes, videos, photographs, logo designs, and music recordings.
A copyright consultant is an attorney specialized in copyright laws or can be a lawyer who assists in documentation and filing of copyright application.
The copyright fees to be incurred for acquiring copyrights for particular content depends upon the type of content as the charges of Government of India defer from content to content.
The symbol ©can be used immediately after the content is created, however, it has used only after filing an application for copyrighting content.
1. Application for copyrights of the content is filed.

2. On application, a copyright diary number is allotted to the owner which serves a legal proof of application.

3. The Copyright office will keep the application to public for 30 days seeking any objections on it.

4. If no objection is received, copyright certificate is issued within 8 to 12 months from application.

Copyright does not require renewal. It is permanent in nature which exists for lifetime. It exists for 60 years after the death of the content owner. On completion of 60 years after the death of the owner, the content can be duplicated and imitated by general public.
Yes, Copyright can be sold and transferred for a price like any other asset as it is an intellectual property i.e., intangible asset.

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