Increase in the Capital of the Company

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Registration Process Flow

to Increase in the Capital of the Company in India

Step 1
Fill the details and submit the form to us
Step 2
A message with complete Details of Capital Change will be sent to your mobile
Step 3
You will receive an email with ROC compliance documents
Step 4
Please sign and send them via email back to us.
Step 5
On your behalf, we will file Change in Capital Documents with ROC. It’s that simple with us.


About Increase in the Capital of the Company

Authorized Share Capital: Maximum limit up to which a company can issue shares.

Paid Up share Capital: Part of the authorized capital for which the shareholders have made the investment into the company
MOA, AOA, Board Resolution and Documents for EGM.
Form SH 7 & Form MGT 14.
The time limit is 30 days from passing the board resolution for increasing of authorized share capital.

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