LLP ROC Return Filings
Form 8 & Form 11

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Registration Process Flow

to LLP ROC Return Filing in India

Step 1
Fill the details and submit the form to us
Step 2
A message with complete annual filing details will be sent to your mobile
Step 3
You will receive an email with ROC compliance documents
Step 4
Please sign and send them via email back to us.
Step 5
On your behalf, we will file all our ROC documents. It’s that simple with us.


About LLP ROC Return Filing

Yes, the LLP needs to file ROC returns though it had not done any business as ROC returns gives details of the changes that take place in a company.
The following are the ROC return forms to be filed:

Form 11: Annual Return

Form 8: Financial Statements, P&L Account and Balance Sheet, Notes to Accounts.

The Designated partners are responsible to file LLP ROC return.
Form 11: Due date for filing Annual Return is 30th May of each year

Form 8: Due date for filing Financial Statements, P&L Account and Balance Sheet, Notes to Accounts is 30th October of every year.
Penalty of Rs 100 per day is charged from the date of delay to till the form is filed with ROC. Partners are advised to file the form in time.
No, There is no provision for waiver of penalty.

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