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About One Person Company ROC Compliances

For OPC, we have list of compliances to be complied, however some of the important compliances are below:

a. Issue of share certificates

b. Annual Return Filings

c. Maintenance of minutes and statutory registers

In comparison to Private Limited Company, single director OPC has many ROC compliance exemptions as below:

a. Maintenance of minutes books and statutory registers

b. Annual General Meeting

c. Board Meeting

Yes. If the OPC has one than one director, the Board meeting is to be conducted. For single director OPC, Board meetings are exempted.
No, as OPC has a single member, there is no requirement of holding AGM.
a. Annual Returns Filing via MGT 7 & Form AOC 4.

b. Registered Office changes

c. Capital clause changes

d. Name and Object clause changes

e. OPC shareholder change

f. ROC filings based on the events conducted in the company

g. OPC nominee change

h. MD or CEO appointment

i. In case of multiple directors, maintenance of minutes books of the meeting

j. DIN changes

k. Charge Management after taking secured loans from financial institutions

l. Drafting resolutions of the companies meetings

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