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About Private Limited ROC AMC Compliances

According to Companies Act, 2013, a company is a corporate entity and operated by legal procedures of the Act. The compliances of the companies are looked after by ROC (Registrar of Companies) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

ROC Compliances means the mandate requirement of Companies to file all the returns and documents as per the legal requirements of the ROC and the Companies Act, 2013.
1. Annual Returns Filing via AOC 4 and MGT 7

2. DIN changes

3. Director’s appointment and resignation

4. Shares transfer

5. MD and CEO appointment

6. Statutory registrars and minutes books maintenance

7. Yearly disclosure of directors interest

8. AGM documentation compliance

9. Shares certificates issuance on time

10. Event based ROC filing

11. Issue and new allotment of shares

12. Company’s name change and change in objects

13. Registered Office change

14. Drafts of resolutions made in different meetings

15. Registration of charge upon taking a secured loan

16. Changes in paid-up and authorized capitals

1. Most companies end up paying heavy penalties being unable to file on the due dates. Startupji team in order to ensure timely filings of the companies it has strong follow-up and reminder system.

2. In order to focus on business, for compliance of legal formalities, the company has to entrust teams like competent Startupji.
Annual General Meeting as the name clues it is shareholders meeting conducted annually by the company. The meeting is to be conducted once in every financial year. The agenda of the meeting contains the approval of financials, appointment or reappointment of auditors and directors, distribution of dividends, etc…

The first AGM of a company should be conducted within 9 months from the close of the financial year.

The AGM subsequent to first AGM should be conducted within 6 months from the close of the next financial year.

According to ROC, after holding AGM, every company has to mandatorily follow the below procedures:

Within 15 days: In form ADT-1, Auditor’s Appointment has to be filed.

Within 30 days: In form AOC-4, Financials has to be filed.

Within 60 days: In form MGT-7, Annual Return of the company has to be filed.

Board Meeting is the generally the meeting of the board of directors of the company.

The first board meeting should be conducted within 30 days from the date of incorporation and within a year, every company has to hold minimum of 4 board meetings and mostly 1 meeting in each quarter.

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