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to Assignment of Trademark in India

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About Assignment of Trademark

Trademark Assignment means sale or transfer of trademark. As trademark is an intellectual property recognized as Intangible Asset, like other assets even it can be sold or transferred for a price.
Selling of Trademark literally means sale of brand and it is not sale of the company as one company may have multiple brands and multiple trademarks with them. For example: Procter & Gamble has multiple brands and it may sell few of them from its portfolio.

Sale procedure:
1. Assignment Deed: While selling any property or fixed asset, agreement of sale is made between the buyer and seller. Like any other asset, for selling trademark, sale agreement or Assignment Deed is made between the parties.

2. The Assignment Deed is registered with Trademark registry and then the buyer name is updated as the owner of the trademark in Trademark Department records.
1. For calculation of stamp duty, sale price or transfer price of the trademark is mandatory on the deed.

2. Geographical limits of brand usage by the buyer.

3. Information regarding sale with goodwill or without goodwill.

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