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Registration Process Flow

to Trademark Registration in India

Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
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Step 4
Sign Trademark Authorization Letter
Step 5
Our Trademark Expert will fill your form and apply
Step 6
Post Application, you can use TM

Advantage and Benefits

of Trademark Registration

Registered Trademark forms an Asset for the Organisation

In most parts of the world, many brands value their trademark higher than their other assets. Organization can only get complete ownership of brand name only after the trademark registration of the brand.

Protection against Duplication

Once the brand name has trade mark registration, others cannot duplicate our brand name.

Boosts Business Expansion and Growth

By renting Trademark, royalty can be earned through licensing agreement and good revenue for the organization. Franchising model of Business expansion is completely based on Trademark licensing and transfer.

Helps in Creation of Goodwill in the Market

Goodwill to brand name with Trademark develops as consumers prefer brands with TM tag.


About Trademark Registration

Trademark is a logo, brand name, product name, website name, word or punch line by which customers recognize or differentiate the products or services of one company from another.
Company, Trust, NGO, any Individual or any Govt. agency can apply for trademark registration.
Trademark can be obtained on business name, website domain name, brand name, product name, logo or slogan.
Trademark search means that the name we trying to obtain trademark has already been registered or taken by others or whether our name is closely related to similar trademarks in trademark database. In the trademark registration procedure, trademark search plays a crucial role.
Trademark can be protected by filing a trademark application with Indian Trademark Registry. We, the Startupji Team can make it easy for our customers.
Trademark consultant is a lawyer or attorney specialized in Trademark laws. They are also known as Trademark Agents.
Government Fees for Trademark application is Rs.4500 and our consultation fees will be Rs.1500.
Trademark lawyer and Attorney are one and the same, where he is an expert in trademark laws and trademark name registration process.
After the detailed search of trademark, one page authority letter is signed by the authorized authority and then the trademark registration application is filed by the consultant with trademark registry.
TM mark can be used immediately after the receipt of acknowledgement on filing the application. After Trademark is registered, (R) mark can be used.
Trademark is a combination word with two words “trade” and “mark” which literally means a mark which can be used in trade, commerce and business. In legal sense, the trademark ceases to exist even after closure of the business.

In practical sense, the trademark registry will show the trademark as alive until the trademark is withdrawn by the owner or until it expires due to non-renewal after reaching 10 years
Trademark class under which the trademark is to be registered plays a key role in successful trademark registration.

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