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to Trademark Renewal in India

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Step 5
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Step 6
Trademark Renewal Process Compleated


About Trademark Renewal

A registered trademark is valid for ten years. After completion of every ten years, the applicant has to renewing it by paying fees to Trademark department.
Trademark renewal helps in continuing usage of the brand name.
Trademark registration is different with respect to documentation, procedure, time and fees.

Trademark renewal is simple and has to be renewed within six months after it completes ten years.
After the completion of 10 years of trademark registration, trademark will expire and becomes due for renewal and it has to be renewed within six months. If in case the trademark renewal is delayed for more than six months, it will attract additional fees and documentation.

Further, if the renewal is not completed within 12 months of expiration of trademark, the trademark will be abandoned i.e., it will be removed from the trademark register.

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